We need to fundamentally change the way science is funded. We need to change the way politicians and the public view science….We need to stop making it so freaking hard for great scientists to do science, stay in science, discover science in the first place.

Unless you guys really don’t want us doing world-changing research. I don’t want to say what my colleague would have done with his grant because I want to protect his anonymity. But let me tell you what I would be able to do with federal funding:

  • I would be able to understand why it is that some women have an easier time getting pregnant than others.
  • I would be able to determine what factors seem to prevent breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer.
  • I would start to disentangle all the psychosocial factors that seem to lead to infertility even though we haven’t been able to figure out the mechanism.
  • I would be able to understand the way in which the mother and fetus negotiate with each other can sometimes contribute to miscarriage.
  • I would be able to provide resources and teach resilience to a whole generation of local girls who don’t have science in their schools, while doing research that helps me, and them, understand their bodies.
  • I would be able to lay the foundation for hormonal contraceptives that are safe and effective for adolescents.
  • I would be able to set up the undergraduate mentoring program I’ve been trying to implement for the last year.  

Read more of Kate Clancey’s “Grant Rant” in Scientific America.


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