How To Utilize Talent In This Economy?

The Ph.D Bust: America’s Awful Market for Young Scientists is an article in the Atlantic that makes me question why we aren’t utilizing the unemployed or underemployed academics? Where are the jobs? I think employers can be picky in a tough economy and may suffer from “arrogance of supply” syndrome. It’s not that there is a lack of talent, but a lack of patience or desire to groom new hires due to costs. Employers want ready-made workers. In an era where art, science, and innovation are increasingly in demand, I question why applied knowledge in the sciences isn’t utilized more responsibly. There are many individuals eager to work, but instead resumes are overlooked or talent isn’t maximized:

Neuroscience PhD here from an ivy league institute. I’m a middle manager in name only, but I pretty much cut and paste a bunch of junk into an Excel document (I’m not allowed to use scripts or R or write any programs.), put them in pretty PowerPoint presentations, and then summarize the results to MBAs who know nothing whatsoever about the topic but are ultimately the deciders. My child could do this job. I miss the bench.


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